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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to info@aatmco.com                                                                                                   


Q: How many years has Around The Clock USA been in business?

A: Since 1999. In 2012 Around The Clock USA was transformed under new administration into America Around The Clock. 


Q: How far is the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Port Canaveral?

A: About 46.1 miles


Q: How long does it take to get from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Port Canaveral?
A: About 49 minutes (70 MPH)


Q: Where are we going to find America Around The Clock at the Orlando International Airport (MCO)?

A: We generally have a representative at each terminal (A & B). Once you get to the baggage claim area please follow our regular procedures: •    Call the toll-free number 1-888-841-7544 once you have your entire luggage with you, to receive instructions on where you can meet your driver. We do all the pick ups at the GROUND TRANSPORTATION LEVEL.


Q: Do I have to make a reservation? Or I can just show up at the Airport?
 A: YES, you need to make a reservation in advanced. In fact, you will be getting a Booking-Confirmation by e-mail after you call or make your reservation online.


Q: How does the service work? and How to book a service with America Around The Clock?

Q: There are 3 ways of booking a service with America Around The Clock:  On line, by phone (1-888-841-7544), or by fax. After making a reservation you will be receiving an e-mail confirmation, that will allow the passengers verify the information that we have in our system.


Q: How do I know that my request has been confirmed?

A: Requests will be confirmed by email > Subject: America Around The Clock Booking - Confirmation. Order #: xxxxxx.


Q: How long will it be before I get a confirming email?

A: A confirming email could take about 3 hours.


Q: What happens if my flight gets delayed? What if I missed my scheduled shuttle?

A: No problem! We have a continuous shuttle service every 60 minutes from Orlando Airport (McCoy) to Port Canaveral. Remember America Around The Clock will track every body’s flight information in order to avoid delays in our shuttle schedule. Your only responsibility will be to contact AATC 24 hour dispatch and let us know that your flight is delay, and provide us with your new flight details.

Q: What happens if my flight is delay and I missed the last shuttle pick up to Port Canaveral (1PM)?

A: You will have the choice to pay the difference between a shuttle service and a private service. It will depend on your party size.


Q: What happens if I have a group of “X” people, but we will all take the shuttle at different times? Will we be charged by group, or separately?

 A: In order to take advantage of our group rate everybody needs to travel at the same time. If you split up the group, you will be charge separately.


Q: Will you provide us with car seats o Booster?

A: Yes, one for family.


Q: Does my child have to pay as a regular passenger?
A: We charge for children 3 years old and older.


Q: How many suitcases can we bring to your shuttle?
A: 2 suitcases per person, plus a carry on bag.


Q: Do you pick up only at the Orlando Airport (MCO)?

A: NO, we pick up (shuttle service) at Orlando International Airport and Orlando Airport Hotels, for any other locations please call us for rate: 1-888-841-7544


Q: How long does it take from Port Canaveral to Orlando International Airport (MCO)?
A:  About 49 minutes (70 MPH)


Q: Where do we find you at Port Canaveral?

A: All terminals at Port Canaveral have a passenger drop-off and pick-up area; all you have to do is look for the passenger pre-arrangement pick-up area. You can tell your porter or ask any security guard about Around The Clock Shuttle, and they will direct you to our pick-up location. Remember you can always call for help 1-888-841-7544. ZONE "C & D" for Freedom of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas and Carnival Ecstasy. For Carnival Sensation Taxi, shuttle and courtesy vehicles pick up area.


Q: Do we have to pay anything else over the regular price that appears on the webpage (tolls, airport fees, and port fees)?

 A: NO, everything is included in the price, except driver’s gratuity.

Q: How much is the Driver’s gratuity?
A: That is completely up to the passenger, the industry average is 20%.


Q:  Can we pay cash to the driver for our service?

A: YES, but in order to book any service with America Around The Clock, you will need a credit card to hold the service.